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Posted 17/08/2018 13:49
AdvancED had many wonderful comments for our school, "ISA is an institution that clearly understands the concept of continuous improvement in every aspect of the school's journey and for all of its stakeholders. A strong, caring, collaborative learner-centric environment permeates the school and interviews indicate that all leadership and faculty truly care about each student in their school. The school has introduced several initiatives that are highly successful in achieving the school's mission and vision to prepare, expand, equip and inspire all of their students." The report may be viewed in its entirety by copying and pasting the following web link - https://drive.google.com/open?id=1R2ifQ8-2lU2JEXTsbZdG7I68ZfEI6iG- Go ISA eagles! #ISAruba, #ISSedu, #AdvancEDAccreditation #HighRatings, #ISAeagles
Posted 24/05/2018 12:58
#ISAruba #ISSedu #apArtStudio #StudentArt
Posted 17/05/2018 08:26
Let's all celebrate International School of Aruba's Boys Soccer team for clinching the IBiSA Championship for boys born 2004-2006! They persevered through multiple games and teams to victory. Quarter finals: ISA vs Maria Goretti College 5-0 ISA vs F.B. Tromp School. 1-1 ISA vs S.B. Washington. 0-2 Semi-final: ISA vs Fatima College. 1-0 Final: ISA vs S.B. Washington. 1-0 Coach Sam and players: Aidan Charley (Gr.7) Gianmarco Franzoni (Gr.6) Benjamin Lacle (Gr.7) Miguel Morrett (Gr. 7) Vinay Jawalapersad (Gr.7) Krish Gianchandani (Gr.6) Giancarlo De La Rocha (Gr.6) Santiago Gil (Gr.8) Shivam Tilokani (Gr.7) Juan Moreno-Ortizi (Gr.7) Raveen Mahtani (Gr.7) #ISAruba #ISSedu #WeAreTheChampions #IBiSAsoccer
Posted 04/05/2018 08:48
We are always excited to see our students succeed in and out of our classrooms. Congratulations to Felipe Gonzalez Hurtado from the ISA community for winning second place in the 8th Edition of the Open Junior Cup 2018: "Cup Eddie Ras". #ISAruba #ISSedu #2ndPlace #Tennis
Posted 20/02/2018 08:28
By: Esha Alwani The International School of Aruba is proud to announce that we have our very own Olympian Gymnast: Sanne van Dam! Sanne has been selected by the Aruban Olympic Committee to be part of the pre-selection team for the 2020 Olympic cycle. She was appointed as an elite athlete and will be preparing to represent Aruba in the upcoming 2016-2020 Olympic cycle. ISA is very proud of Sanne and wishes her all the best in her gymnastic endeavors. The Current would also like to congratulate Sanne on her athletic achievements and wish her all the best in these upcoming years. #ISAruba #ISSedu #Olympics #Gymnastics
Posted 20/02/2018 08:22
By: Maya Charley The TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language) is now being offered at ISA! This test is useful and often required for student admissions into college, considering the fact that English is not their native language. This is extremely important for those that are intending to take college courses in English, whether it is at an English based university in Canada or the US, or if it is an English school somewhere in Europe. Our campus will be open to our high school/GED students and to everyone in the Aruban community who have the interest in taking it. Our administration is offering the IBT, internet based test, instead of the written one; more information about this can be found on the TOEFL websites. Good luck to all of those intending to take it. #ISAruba #ISSedu #TOEFL
Posted 09/02/2018 09:24
By: Marielisa Garcia In order to raise funds for their upcoming graduation ceremony, the seniors hosted a Bingo Night on January 26. Several prices were offered, such as: a Swatch Watch by Times Square, a Sunday brunch for two at the Marriott, a gift certificate for a watch from Royal Jewels and Diamonds, a piece of jewelry from Sean Jewelers, a training class and personalized meal plan from Sporty Lifestyle Aruba, a dinner for two at Ruth's Chris, a $100 gift certificate to Anna-Maria's Autentico Ristorante Italiano, a sunset cruise for two from Jolly Pirates, and a painting from Marie Gonzalez. The lucky winners of the night were able to take home some of these amazing prices. All who attended were able to enjoy the friendly competition of the bingo games as well as the several refreshments and snacks that were sold. We'd like to thank the senior class for organizing such a fun event that brought the ISA community together and hope they have an incredible ceremony! #ISAruba #ISSedu Facebook: @InternationalSchoolofAruba Twitter: @ISAruba Instagram: @InternationalSchoolofAruba
Posted 24/01/2018 08:35
Known as the "father of the Aruban nation", Gilberto Francois, "Betico", Croes is a very influential figure to the history of the island. Born on January 25, 1938, Croes was raised on Aruban ground. At the beginning of his career, he was a school teacher, and would take that knowledge to later become a major political activist and leader. His biggest accomplishment was taking the crucial role in obtaining the "Status Aparte" (separate status) for Aruba within the Dutch Kingdom. After that was passed in 1986, Aruba could then become self governed and free. Unfortunately, in December of 1985, Croes would fall into a coma due to a tragic accident and die the following year on November 26, 1986, meaning he never physically got to see his great victory for the country. However, the Aruban people are grateful for the work he did, and his birthday would eventually become a holiday across the island. This is why on Thursday January 25th, there will be no school for students. We will all pay tribute to the amazing, determined man that Betico Croes was. There are many events on the island that celebrate this day, such as food festivals, sporting events and games, and folkloric shows. As he once said, "Si mi cai na caminda, gara e bandera y sigui cu e lucha" (If I die in the field, grab the flag and continue the battle).
Posted 24/01/2018 08:31
This past Monday, January 15, school was cancelled due to Martin Luther King Day. During this holiday, people remember the many achievements the civil rights activist, Martin Luther King Jr, accomplished during his lifetime. He is well-remembered for fighting for the rights of the oppressed African American citizens through peaceful marches and speaking out against inequality. His infamous "I Have a Dream" speech is recognized as one of the most influential and iconic speeches in American history. His hard work and determination was recognized in 1964 when he became the youngest person at the time to receive the Nobel Peace Prize. Martin Luther King Day is not simply a day we recognize his sacrifices and achievements, it is also a day where we celebrate equality and justice.
Posted 22/05/2017 08:56
ISA was privileged to be awarded first and second place in AHATA's Recycling Art Competition, which took place from May 8th until May 12. The purpose of the competition was to incorporate creativity and artistic abilities with promoting the usage of eco-friendly materials. All of the pieces of art that were entered in the contest were made from reused materials that were originally used for different purposes. The sixth grade class was awarded second place in the competition with the mermaid they created and the palm fronds they painted. The makerspace and the art history classes were able to earn first place in the competition with the lamp, chair, and divi divi tree they created. Congratulations to both groups for representing our school in such an outstanding manner!
Posted 22/05/2017 08:52
Our talented, young soccer players took the field during the IBISA tournament, and fought their hardest to bring another title home! IBISA is an annual competition played between a number of schools on the island. For the tournament, our students in fifth grade and below performed to the best of their abilities and worked hard as a team. Unfortunately, during the semi-final, ISA lost to Washington and were kicked out of the tournament. They had the opportunity to fight for the third place medal and played very hard, but they were unable to capitalize. They left the tournament as fourth place holders, and although they fought hard, they are ready to come back next year and fight for it once more! The coach of the Elementary team, Coach Sam, said, " Our soccer players did their best, but were not able to defend the Cup from last year. We have to accept that and we need to work harder to take the championship back home." We are proud of our students for their effort and can't wait to see them back on the field next year!
Posted 09/05/2017 11:03
ISA ES boys soccer team did great yesterday (May 8) during IBiSA soccer tournament. ISA won the first two matches. ISA vs F.B. Tromp school 3-1 ISA vs Colegio San Hose 2-0 Today (May 9), we face S.B. Washington at 3:15 pm, it's going to be a challenging game. SBW is currently number one in the age group.
Posted 08/05/2017 11:26
During the spring break, one of our ISA elementary students went to Las Vegas to compete in two karate tournaments. One was the International Karate Tournament, and the other was the US Open Tournament. This Student's name is Diego Andres Lafee Rodriguez, he's only in 3rd grade, and he won five medals at the international event for the 8-9 age group. There were nearly 4,000 people that attended this event. The tournament lasted three days and was a physical competition. It was a great new experience for Diego and his sister as they met so many new people. Diego's little sister, Fabiana Helena Lafee Rodriguez, also won four medals. She competed in the gymnastic competition and did excellent as well. Both brother and sister have lots of talent and continue to get better.
Posted 08/05/2017 11:18
ISA's Sanne van Dam recently competed abroad in a gymnastics competition. In order to recognize her achievements, we decided to interview her on her experiences. We would like to congratulate her and wish her the best in future competitions! ✦ What event did you attend? "Four bars beam and vault" "There were two events; the Caribbean Championship and the Invitational Championship and it was in Barbados" ✦ What awards did you receive? "I received four gold and six bronze (medals)" ✦ How long did you prepare for the competition? "Four months maybe" ✦ How did you prepare? "Do everything 10,000 times 'till you get it right." ✦ What is your next aim? "Getting gold on my next competition." ✦ When is your next competition? "Three weeks" ✦ What has been your biggest challenge? "Beam...it's a struggle to stay on it" ✦ What do you like the most about being a gymnast? "Going to countries that you would never go if you weren't a gymnast doing competitions" How do you balance school and gymnastics? "Do homework at school"
Posted 07/04/2017 10:00
Parade of Nations By: Rishi Bhatia International Day is one of the most anticipated events at ISA, with tons of activities taking place on that day. One of those events is the Parade of Nations. The Parade of Nations marks the start of International Day and it's the biggest event of the day. It consists of students standing alongside their flag and representing their country. They then go one by one in alphabetical order on stage with their country. After all the countries have gone on and off stage, the United Nations flag is presented and set in the center as a show of respect to all nations. This event is a highly anticipated event and this year we had 22 countries. It was a fantastic parade with everyone proudly representing his/her country.
Posted 24/03/2017 07:58
Posted 24/03/2017 08:10
Posted 24/03/2017 08:02
Posted 21/02/2017 09:44
Upcoming Key Club Events By: Rishi Bhatia The ISA Key Club has several events planned for the upcoming weeks.
Posted 21/02/2017 09:36
Valentine's Day Recap By: Maya Charley The day to celebrate love and friendship was well-celebrated here on the ISA campus!
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