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ISS Governance


ISS Governance and Memberships

The International School of Aruba is owned and managed by International Schools Services, a non-profit corporation dedicated to educational excellence for children attending international schools worldwide. Headquartered in Princeton, New Jersey, International Schools Services (ISS) is led by a team of professionals, each with decades of overseas experience.  ISS senior staff serve as members of the ISA Board of Governors along with the Head of School. (www.iss.edu)


The ISS Mission

We seek to advance the quality of international education for children across the globe by providing comprehensive, world-class services and solutions for learning communities and corporations throughout the world.


ISS Philosophy


We believe:

  • Our people are our greatest strength and asset.
  • Mutual respect fosters individual and organizational growth.
  • Collaboration promotes educational excellence.
  • Service to others is essential to successful relationships.
  • Our word is our commitment.


From ISS:

In 1955 International Schools Services was founded as a non-profit organization dedicated to providing assistance to international schools. The founder of ISS, Arthur Sweetser, spoke the following words to his colleagues in the United Nations . . . “you are working for all the ends that make life worthwhile on this planet - for peace, for the eradication of war, for human advancement, for human rights and decencies, for better living standards, better education, better travel and communications - in short, for the world as it ought to be.” When we look beyond the day-to-day tasks of our efforts with the children in our schools, we are all working towards the goal of the betterment of mankind.

We at ISS will continue to put forth our best efforts to help international schools provide the best possible education to their students as we all strive towards the goal of creating a better world for all.