Open for Happiness

Hello ISA Community,

We just finished our meeting with the leadership from the Education and Health Departments. Great news! After reviewing our extensive plan for opening, ISA is approved for a staggered start beginning Wednesday, August 12th. We are monitoring the increase in cases in Aruba closely, but feel we can bring the students back safely through all of our efforts to mitigate the risk while on our campus. In addition, all staff members who have travelled, had possible exposure or wanted assurances that they are negative have been tested for Covid-19. Getting tested was definitely not my favorite experience...

For the staggered start, we will have students from the Montessori program through 8th grade come to school on Wednesday, August 12th as planned. Students in grades 9-12 will come to school the following Monday, August 17th. This will allow us to work with the younger students on campus for 3 days before adding the older students physically on campus. The High School students, grades 9-12, will attend their classes online for this week only, then physically come to campus the following Monday.

We have a list of students whose parents are keeping their children home for safety concerns or are under quarantine restrictions for various reasons. These students will “stream” into our classes remotely, until the circumstances allow attendance in person. If that is needed for your child, but you have not confirmed your intentions with ISA, please do so by contacting office staff tomorrow.

Watch for communications from your child’s teacher tomorrow and throughout the week to help get this year started. This pandemic has created the most unusual school start in my entire educational career. We will continue to sort through every challenge and individual circumstance in partnership with you, but we ask for your patience and flexibility as we fine tune the delivery of our program.

Here is the schedule again for your review:

Parents complete the attached screening form before your child attends: 

Student Covid-19 Screening Form

  • Wednesday, Aug 12 Montessori through 8th grade arrive on campus
  • Wed-Fri, Aug 12-14 Grades 9-12 start online
  • Monday, Aug 17 Grades 9-12 arrive on campus

If possible, please transport your child rather than use the bus system. While we can maintain the desired grouping on campus, the students are mixed on the busses.

Due to the increase of cases and subsequent contact tracing, there will be students or staff who will need to quarantine. Let’s support each other and avoid judgement when a member of our community is placed in that situation. Please be kind. No person wants to be in that position and probably had no control over the situation. The quarantine will hopefully be for a short time only before he or she can return to school. 

Please review the attached documents and complete the screening form. We are excited to get started and look forward to having the energy of youth back on our campus...

Dennis Willeford, Head of School