COVID-19: Upgrade to code Red

Re: COVID-19: Upgrade to level RED

Hello ISA Community,

The Prime Minister closed all schools starting Monday, March 16. The government will evaluate and monitor the situation to decide how long the closure will last. Because we are prepared to continue learning online, we are in a position to decide how long ISA should continue digitally. Our primary concern is for the health and safety of our students and the ISA community. Our status is now Code Red.

We have schedules set for our students to begin the online lessons starting Thursday, March 19. Please use the beginning of the week to do what is needed for your family. We will restart the instruction the day after Flag Day.

Open House and all extra activities are postponed or cancelled until further notice. 

You will receive communication from the teachers and administration from ISA on Monday with specific information for your classes. Please take care of your health and your family first. 


Dennis Willeford, Head of School